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Do Clothes Dryer Lint Traps Need Special Care?

Yes, clothes dryer lint traps need it especially if you like to use the clothes dryer sheets for fragrance, static control, and softening.

Dryer sheets leave a residue on the lint screen. This cause the appliance to overheat!

Dryer sheets have a thin layer of chemical lubricant, which is electrically conductive, resulting in softer feeling clothes and reduced static electricity because the chemicals target electrostatic charges.

How to Clean a Clothes Dryer Lint Trap

Cleaning a clothes dryer lint trap
Cleaning a clothes dryer lint trap

A misconception about how static builds up in a clothes dryer is that a properly functioning appliance will prevent static! Meaning you do not need to use dryer sheets to control static cling.

Most modern dryers have an array of sensor technologies that help care for your clothing and save energy. One of them is the humidity sensor. In automatic mode, the appliance will shut off before static can begin.

Remember… water cancels out the electricity. So, static build-up starts after the close are dry, and the machine keeps running. This is not good for the clothing and will cost more to operate.

Dryer sheets alternatives:

Wear natural fabrics to avoid static cling. Clothing made from polyester and lycra, are prone to static. Wear natural fiber clothing, which doesn’t get static cling.

For softness, add vinegar to the wash. Try substituting vinegar for fabric softener. Just add a half-cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse water of the laundry cycle.

Use an eco-friendly fabric softener. There are many alternatives like, green fabric softeners that made with natural scents or are scent-free. You may also consider liquid softener in the wash cycle.

Many consumers report excellent results when they toss a couple of dryer balls in with each load in the dryer. They soften fabric with their nubby texture that helps fluff up the fibers.


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The benefits of cleaning your dryer vent.

  1. Fire Safety
  2. Lower Utility Bills
  3. Eliminate Odors
  4. Fewer Repairs from Overheating
  5. Less Wear on your Clothing
  6. Clothing Drys FAST Again

Maintaining your Clothes Dryer Vent Ductwork with annual cleaning will save money and time doing laundry.

The TLK Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning includes End-to-End Cleaning, Dryer Airway, and Transition Cleaning.

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