A Story About A Little Duck That Toots

What do you Know about little ducks that toot?

A Story About A Little Duck That Toots
A Story About A Little Duck That Toots

This is a great read. My daughter wants to read this book over and over. It’s great finding content that is not only funny but teaches kids invaluable lessons on how to treat others.

You’ll be taken on a rollicking, fun-filled adventure that all children can relate to!  Check Out Color Me Ducky.

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Learn about this duckling’s adventures in social consequences that come with being a uproarious, imaginative, and clever, Ducky Toot-toot.  Buy Now on Amazon

Amazon Customer Review:
“WOW! Finally, a bedtime story that made my kids and I laugh as we cheered for Ducky Toot-toot. Your kids will want to hear the story over and over, again and again. Funny and clever with life lessons learned.”

Author Biography:
Norman Duckhill, creator and writer, is a sales guru and the published author of $imple $imon $ales:Prospecting and Selling to Business Owners.

Books by Norman Duckhill
Books by Norman Duckhill

Touted as the new street-smart sales bible.

He has trained, presented, managed or coached sales teams for large corporations in the United Stares. He lives in the Chicago-land area with his family, enjoys creative storytelling, which spun itself into Ducky Toot-toot, and gets frustrated with golf.


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