Landscape Spring Clean-Up In Northern Illinois

Spring Clean Up Services

Spring Clean-Up in Northern IL.
Illinois Landscape Clean Up

Illinois Landscape Clean-Up

Allscape Spring Clean-Up can have your landscape cleaned and ready for spring 2019.  We have extensive knowledge about the Northern Illinois soils.  Allscape knows what your lawn needs to create the environment your grass loves.

Maintenance programs come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you have pests or disease that affects your lawn? Some can easily be mistaken for as bad when they are good for the soil. Allscape will accurately diagnose any lawn problem that may exist and resolve them!

  • Debris removal
  • Spring lawn dethatching to remove dead grass and mold
  • Spring, and or fall, aeration, to break up the root mat under the grass and allow the grass’s roots to go deeper
  • Early spring fertilization and pre-emergent weed control
  • Late spring Fertilization and post-emergent weed control
  • Summer Fertilization and post-emergent weed control
  • Overseed to make lawn thicker