Clothes Dryer Fires

Clothes Dryer Fires
Clothes Dryer Fires

Did you know that according to the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported each year? Many were caused by a failure to clean lint from the clothes dryer ductwork.

Cleaning out your dryer is easy and will save energy by decreasing your drying time. Cleaning consists of a long flexible rod and brush used to clean the dryer ducts and under the lint trap in your appliance.

Always begin by disconnecting the appliance from the A/C Outlet. After removing the lint screen use a small brush with a long handle into the trap area. Gently use the brush to remove lint by guiding to the opening and use a vacuum to further clean lint from under the lint trap.

Clothes dryer cabinet cleaning
Clothes dryer cabinet cleaning

Now… pull the appliance out and disconnect the transition tubing from your dryer’s exhaust. Vacuum all the debris around the appliance and be sure the slats are clean. Next, inspect the flexible transition for leaks, and replace if required. Otherwise, use a rotary brush and rod to completely remove the trapped lint.

The reaming cleaning is for the ductwork behind the wall, in an attic, or crawlspace. The warm moist air from your clothes dryer must vented to the outside of your home to prevent mold and water damage.

This can be the most difficult part, because of the turns and length of the pipes are on average 23 feet long. Will use our rotary brush and rods, up to 50 feet in some homes, to completely remove the trapped lint and other debris.

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Almost there… connect the ductwork and clamp at both ends, slide back into place and connect the A/C. Then turn the clothes dryer on air fluff mode to complete.

Clogged dryer vent pipe
Clogged dryer vent pipe

Finally, check the dryer exhaust on the outside of your home. Make sure there’s good airflow and that the vent flaps are clean and opening wide. If there is a bid cover, remove clean and replace securely.

If you use dryer sheets, the lint trap will need a regular cleaning to remove the chemicals that build up and clog the mesh screen. Use dish soap and a soft brush like a toothbrush to clean. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry before in setting it into the appliance.

Is this your clothes dryer lint trap?
Is this your clothes dryer lint trap?

Clothes Dryer Vent Service Location

Cook, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties

This is a list of cities and villages that we frequently provide dryer vent cleaning services in…

AddisonAlgonquinArlington HeightsBarringtonBarrington HillsBartlettBensenvilleBloomingdaleBuffalo GroveCarol StreamCrystal LakeDeer ParkDes PlainesElginElk Grove VillageGlendale HeightsHanover ParkHawthorn WoodsHoffman EstatesInvernessItascaKenneyvilleKildeerLake ZurichLombardMedinahMount ProspectNorth BarringtonPalatinePingree GroveProspect HeightsRolling MeadowsRoselleSaint CharlesSchaumburgSouth BarringtonStreamwoodValley ViewVilla ParkWayneWest ChicagoWheelingWinfieldWood DaleBerkeleyBannockburnBataviaBellwoodCaryCampton HillsDeerfieldDowners GroveEolaFox River Grove,Franklin ParkGenevaHighland Park, HuntleyLafoxLakewoodLake ForestLake in the HillsLake VillaLemont,LibertyvilleLockportLong GroveMcHenryMooseheartMorton GroveMundeleinNapervilleNew LenoxNorth Aurora,NorthlakeChicago’s North ShoreOak BrookPlainfieldPlato CenterPort BarringtonRiverwoodsSkokieStone Park,Trout ValleyVernon HillsWoodridge and all points in between.

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Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning Today and Get $10 OFF
Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning Today and Get $10 OFF

The benefits to cleaning your dryer vent are:

  1. Fire Safety
  2. Lower Utility Bills
  3. No Mold
  4. No Odors
  5. Fewer Repairs From Overheating
  6. Less Wear On Your Our Clothing

Maintaining your Dryer’s Vent with annual cleaning will SAVE MONEY!

What is your Clothes Dryer Costing you?
Find the answer here:

The TLK Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning includes

  1. Inspection of Ductwork
  2. End-to-End Cleaning
  3. Dryer Airway Check
  4. Transition Check
  5. Air Flow Check

Dryer vent cleaning removes clogged lint that builds up over time, and restores the drying time to about 45 minutes, which is normal.

We also remove bird nests from your home’s  bathrooms, kitchens, and dryer vents.


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Elk Grove Village Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

The Lint King

Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

Elk Grove Village Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts The Link King Inc. has a special offer. For a limited time receive $10 off our already low cost. So what does dryer vent cleaning cost?

The Lint King Inc Schaumburg
The Lint King Inc Elk Grove Village

The cost for dryer vent cleaning with The Lint King is $125 for most residential homes.

The Lint King website

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Keeping the airways of your dryer pipe clean prevents clogging of lint that will build up over time.

The benefits of vent cleaning are, fire safetylower utility bills, and no bad odors.